Seneca Manufacturing Company (SMC) is a federally licensed privately owned tobacco manufacturing business that makes high quality cigarettes and other tobacco products in the small town of Salamanca, NY located on the Seneca Nation of Indians Allegany Territory.

Our History

Seneca Manufacturing Company (SMC) is a 100% Seneca owned business with partners Gary Sanden and Travis Heron, the proud makers of premium quality cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Gary Sanden Co-Owner

Travis Heron Co-Owner

After operating various tobacco businesses ranging from retail, wholesale, and importing, it was only natural that their next step was to form Seneca Manufacturing Company and launch their own high quality tobacco product line for adult consumers.

Excellence, integrity, and ultimate quality form the basis of Seneca Manufacturing’s core values, bringing together the traditional manufacturing craftsmanship with a visionary drive to execute bold new ideas.

SMC started in 2006 when it obtained its TTB license, operating with a workforce of four people, including Gary and Travis. Initially, SMC focused exclusively on the Seneca Nation territory to distribute their product, and 5 years later, SMC started distributing its product to numerous states and other Indigenous Nations.

To remain competitive and to strategically position itself, Seneca Manufacturing employs a branding strategy that segregates its brands into two categories–sustaining and growth brands, including: the many Heron brands and Sands. These brands are the foundation of Seneca Manufacturing Company, and through our deliberate planning and strategy development, SMC is strongly positioned for success for decades to come.

Our Products

Heron Cigarettes

Seneca Manufacturing Company understands that our adult tobacco consumers have varied preferences, so we offer 2 cigarette brands, Heron Brands and Sands, that are uniquely crafted to accommodate the discerning palates. Smokers around the country prefer many different flavors, strengths, and styles, and consistent with our core values, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our manufacturing process to deliver our consumers the best tasting value priced American made product. All of our tobacco products are purchased from American tobacco merchants that process each blend to meet our proprietary quality specifications.

Heron Crimson

Heron Crimson is the best kept secret of the Heron family. Once consumers try it, they are sold on the smooth medium taste of this unique blend.

Heron No. 33 Black Cigarettes

The contemporary sophisticated packaging complements Heron No. 33 Black's smooth taste. This is our fastest growing Heron cigarette with its pleasant taste to match its sleek, smart design. Heron No. 33 Black comes in 100s and kings sizes and red, gold, and menthol flavors.

Sands Cigarettes


Sands has become a brand and name that is synonymous with regal and distinguished. Our customers recognize the colorful orb’s clever design, and have come to expect the outstanding rich taste of its quality tobacco at an affordable price. Sands is available in 100s and kings sizes--red, gold, silver, menthol, menthol blue.


Seneca Manufacturing Company manufactures a variety of filtered cigars, including its own house brands to private label brands.

Nectar Cigars

Nectar is SMC's first filtered cigar introduced on the market. In Greek mythology, Nectar was the drink of the Gods, so we created a package that induced the same decadence as its name suggests. Our award winning packaging combined with our quality construction has made Nectar one of our sustainable brands. Nectar is offered in ten flavors, including: red, robust, gold, menthol, silver, menthol gold, cherry, grape, peach, and vanilla flavors.

Warrior Cigars

Warrior is Seneca Manufacturing Company's third line of filtered cigar that was designed to honor SMC's Native American tradition. The Warrior image represents bravery, strength, and an unwavering commitment to persist through adversity. Warrior is made in five flavors--red, gold, menthol, cherry, and vanilla.

Pipe Tobacco

For the value-oriented consumer, the Seneca Manufacturing offers two brands of pipe tobacco.

Nectar Pipe Tobacco

Nectar pipe tobacco is made in red, gold, and menthol flavors.
PIPE 16oz
PIPE 6oz

Warrior Pipe Tobacco

Warrior pipe tobacco is made in red, silver (gold), and menthol flavors.

Teams & Facilities

The dedicated work force on the manufacturing and packaging lines is comprised of long term team members who are the foundation of Seneca Manufacturing Company’s success.

States of Approval


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